San Antonio Express News

“In their role as continuo players–sort of the baroque equivalent of the piano and string bass in jazz–the Edelens were the beating heart of most of the program. Christina’s improvisation on the chordal harmony was always lively and nicely varied in texture.”

Cactus Pear Music Festival 2011

The level of playing this entire festival has been very, very high. But, tonight the continuo stole the show! (I’ll bet that is the first time you’ve seen a statement like that in print!) For several pieces, the continuo was a husband and wife team — Christina Scott Edelen on harpsichord and Fred Edelen on cello.

Christina and Fred Edelen were both fantastic! Fred’s continuo playing was the highlight of the entire festival for me. The variety of bow strokes, his subtle use of vibrato, the sound and phrasing all added up to a performance that brought the continuo part to life. It very stylish and sensitive to the latest historically informed performance practice. Especially in the J. S. Bach Sonata, I couldn’t keep my eyes and ears off his masterful performance.

Jack Fishman, writing about the Cactus Pear Music Festival 2011

Puur genieten in Lokhorstkerk (Leidsche Dagblad)

“Het is alsof de cello van Fred Edelen een organisch verlengstuk is van zijn wezen.  Zijn minimale maar zeer intense lichaamstaal vertelt je veel over de muziek, die hij briljant, virtuoos en overtuigend tot leven dwingt.  De klankkleur van zijn barok strijkinstrument is in het adagio hartverwarmend mooi.”